Airport Arrivals

After a long flight everyone wants quietude.

- But there is still a lot of trouble on arrival connected with different documents, luggage, orientation and transport.

That’s why we offer you a fast track service.

This service is available in almost all airports of the world.

You will be met immediately after landing and taken to the special VIP lounge, comfortable and friendly.

You will pass a routine documents checking in a special terminal to avoid all the queues, or in some cases you can do this procedure right in the VIP waiting room, if you need it badly.

Your luggage will be taken by our stuff and then delivered to you. Your personal assistant will be in touch with you 24 hours.

You can also order a luxury car (a black limousine, a deluxe sedan, a lux class minivan or a comfortable bus) from our fleet with the driver or simply order a chauffeur service for your private vehicle.

In addition to that we can say that our company has other interesting and innovative offers for our customers.

Airport Departures

You can order the service with the same features for the time when you going to depart.

In this case you can also be met by your own personal assistant at the airport.

And you will be guided through the special terminal for the necessary routine procedures, avoiding the hassle and tiresome long queues.

After that you will be escorted to the private VIP lounge.

You can relax there a bit while waiting for your flight. You will be offered delicious drinks and international magazines.

Our qualified stuff will help you deliver your luggage any place you need. When the time of your flight comes, you will be accompanied by your attendant right to the plane again.

So, if you are interested in our innovations and you have some questions regarding our additional innovative solutions please contact us without any delay.

You can also have some rest and get some refreshments in a private parlor as long as you wait for your departure, and then you will be accompanied right up to the airplane.