Airport Arrivals

Our new VIP ULTIMATE Service is ideal for true perfectionists.

For those people who know and appreciate every precious moment of their life and for people who understand what is the real excellence quality service.

This is essentially the same service as a fast track service but much more perfect.

You will be also met by your personal assistant, who he will help you check in documents in a special VIP terminal to avoid the queues.

Then you will be accompanied to the luxury limousine, waiting for you, and your assistance will take and load your luggage.

Inside the car, you will be provided some fresh drinks, newspapers and the Internet. You will be able to continue your work even on the road.

If you wish, we can offer you a luxurious private parlor where you can truly relax, or continue to do your business.

Airport Departures

When the time of your departure approaches, the luxurious limousine will be here again.

Your personal assistant will help you put the luggage, and you will go to the airport without any burden.

Then you will go through the special terminal once again to check the documents without any queue, and your assistant will deal with your luggage during this period.

Then you will be taken to a cozy private lounge room where you can relax in the calm atmosphere of the premises, enjoying some drinks and snacks, as well as just watching TV or spending your time on the Internet.

When it comes the time for your flight, the luxury limousine will pick you and take you right to the plane.

Your personal assistant will accompany you on board and to checks personally that everything is ok and to wish you a good trip.

By ordering this service you will feel the ultimate luxury and genuine concern all the time!